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About Us

Murs Projects Pty Ltd is a highly experienced, resourceful contractor of supply and installation of structural walling systems focused on the successful and efficient delivery of customers projects. We employ proactive, problem-solving and a collaborative approach like-minded people to build success through alignment with our customer’s objectives and culture. Versatility, ingenuity, and persistence are the foundation of our growth. 


Our Reputation

An integrated respect for safety, quality and each other. 

Murs Projects diverse, skilled team of professionals’ work all over Australia, providing the best service and quality to suit our clients’ needs and expectations. Our specialists are highly trained and well respected within the industry. With their keen eye for detail, they offer expert advice to suit your project and always aim to deliver our work to you on time and within budget. 


Strong commitment to leadership and hard work is reflected in all our projects. We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We use high quality equipment to ensure that all jobs are done quickly while also giving attention to detail, ensuring each task is completed correctly every time. 

Murs Projects is fully insured for the following:

We pride ourselves on being careful but if something does go wrong, we’re insured for all public liability and Workers Compensation.

All our work consistently meets the very strict requirements of Occupational Health & Safety and Work Cover New South Wales.

Every one of our valued employees at has completed the OH&S & White Card course as required by New South Wales legislation.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


Integrity serves as our cornerstone, driving transparent practices, maintaining trust with our stakeholders, and upholding ethical standards in all our endeavors.


Accountability is more than a principle - it's our promise. We hold ourselves responsible for our actions, deliver on our commitments, and relentlessly pursue excellence in all that we do.


Knowledge acts as both fuel and compass, propelling us toward innovation and growth while guiding our decisions with informed precision, ensuring we consistently surpass expectations.


Commitment is the driving force behind every action we take. It's our pledge to go above and beyond, to stay dedicated to our goals, and to consistently deliver excellence to our customers.


Passion infuses every aspect of our company, igniting genuine enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication in pursuing our goals, ensuring that our work resonates authentically with purpose and impact.

We Work With the Very Best

Our supplier partners are integral to our success, embodying shared values of reliability, collaboration, and innovation, as we work together to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers.

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